My name is Justin and photography has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. My father was an avid photographer, and ran a small side business for several years, selling black and white prints at art shows across Maine and New England during the 80’s and 90’s. I had no idea back then that I would be where I am today, but I am enjoying every minute of it.


I have an amazing wife who inspires me with her food-blogging talent and a young son who is an inspiration every day, and together we share a beautiful home in suburbia just south of Boston with our dogs, Windsor and Bailee. I was born and raised in Maine and am so thankful that I grew up surrounded by such a loving and supportive family.


When I'm not behind the camera, I enjoy being a father and a homeowner, Friday night takeout, DVR, providing tech support for family, making cookie dough without the intention of baking cookies, playing hockey, being an uncle three times, most of the shows on Food Network and HGTV, Grapenut ice cream and crossing things off a to-do list.